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“Projecting, even if we speak just about structures, it has science and technique, but much more about art, common sense, and delighting with the job of tracing the timely trace, the analysis just adds the final touch, with the support of its statis resistant warranty”

Eduardo Torroja

Gravityarquitectos is and independent architecture Studio based in Canary islands, Spain and managed by architectural professional team.

The main goal of Gravityarquitectos is provide a high quality service from the holistic perspective of buildings projects, in which we participate.

The Studio born in 2006 and since then, has accumulated an important background experience in consulting, design and architectural structures analysis.

Despite its short life, the Studio has collaborated in more than 300 a architectural projects and approximately a million Square meter of building structures. That gives to us a wide experience in structural analysis and design fields.

Our professional field includes a wide variety of architectural projects (houses, hotels, malls, industrial buildings, etc). Our profile, due to our exclusive and continue dedication, is highly specialized professionals in structures, structural pathology, restoration and refurbishment, what makes it our team to have a global vision in these fields.

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Tower Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir Shukhov

Hangar Orbetello, Pier Luigi Nervi

Pallazzeto dello sport, Pier Luigi Nervi