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Our Premise is the compromise with the client

Gravityarquitectos thinks satisfaction from client is its priority goal.

It is publicly known that structural analysis and its calculation has become with time in a very complex field, where professional specialist are needed.

The increasing difficult to understand how Structures Works represents in many cases an impoverishment in architecture. The  irreversible process of specialization forces us to Establish a dialogue and collaboration between differents fields and architecture. For collaborating and projecting, as we see, is needed to speak the same language and a high degree of understanding between implicated professionals.

Gravityarquitectos pose a continuous coordination process within authors in the early stages of the conception.

We understand, in this sense, how the building tectonic identity will be reflected on the structure conception.

We want to banish the idea that projects are conceived without taking into account the structure and offer to our clients collaboration since the initial idea scratch until the final completion of your idea.

Therefore, Our work methodology is: Working with you from early stages to adapt from the beginning to the philosophical and architectural concept.

Gravityarquitectos is an independent Studio, with no commercial or stakeholder bonds with any other firm. We carry on our Consulting, design and structural calculation tasks on the most independent and adaptative possible way.

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