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New Construction



Gravityarquitectos offers to our clients the following Studies and expert opinión reports services:

  1. - Technical Building Inspection Report. ITE

  2. - Building Evaluation Report. IEE

  3. - Writing reports, opinions or certificates related with construction defects, accidents, building diseases, structural inspection, structural damag and defects, etc.

  4. - Structural security certificate.

  5. - Checking and verification of existing structures.

Gravityarquitectos offers specialized training on structure calculation,  teaching structure calculation software such as Cypecad, Tricalc, etc courses.

We help you to develop your own calculation program through spreadsheet as a powerful tool with many possibilities.

The permanent partnership between its technical directors with the academic World  (ETSA Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - allow us develop new procedures on structures and the usage of new Technologies.


Gravityarquitectos renders the following rehabilitation, reinforcement and structure repair:

  1. -Repair and maintenance building structure projects.

  2. -Reinforcement and structural strenghtening projects.

  3. -Repair and maintenance strategies and maintenance and conservation building structure.

Gravityarquitectos renders services to new construction:

  1. -Consulting, design y building structure calculation.

  2. -Partial projects and structures projects management.

  3. -Technical Assistance in structures projects.

  4. -Technical consultation from our studio.

  5. -Specific projects related Retailing walls such Basement walls, screen, micropiles curtains, etc.

  6. -Geotechnical reports.

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